How do I stop chrome from redirecting on YouTube app?

How do I stop redirects on YouTube app?

Prevent Youtube App from Opening When Click Youtube Link

  1. Go to Android Settings, select Apps.
  2. Find and select Youtube.
  3. Go to Open by default.
  4. Tap on Open supported links.
  5. Select Don’t open this app.

To do so, type about:debug in address bar to get debug settings, then go to Settings > Debug > UA String. Set it to Desktop, restart browser and load any YT URL – it should show you the option to open YouTube app. Tested personally on Nexus S running Android 4.2.

How do I stop being redirected in Chrome?

From the drop-down menu select Settings then scroll down and click Advanced. In the Privacy & security section choose Content settings > Pop-ups and redirects then ensure that the Allowed option is turned off.

How do I stop a website from redirecting to apps?

Step 1: Open Settings on your Android phone and go to Google. Step 2: Tap on Account services followed by Google Play Instant. Step 3: Disable the toggle next to Upgrade web links. Restart your phone.

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How do I stop a website from opening an app?

1. Disable Instant Apps

  1. Open Settings and go to Apps & notifications and select Default apps under Advanced. On some phones, you will find this under App Management.
  2. When you find Default apps, tap on Opening links on that page.
  3. You will then see Instant apps on the next page, turn off the toggle next to it.


  1. If you’re using an Android, you can go to the settings.
  2. Then apps.
  3. Then manage apps (for some device which has more functionality)
  4. Then all apps / show system apps (if it’s turned off)
  5. Then find YouTube.
  6. Then in “open by default” menu, clear defaults.

How do you open YouTube in Chrome if it is blocked?

Open YouTube when Blocked in Office

  1. Check if YouTube is up or not. …
  2. Check host file. …
  3. Open YouTube using IP. …
  4. Use proxy. …
  5. Use Google Public DNS or Open DNS. …
  6. Use a Proxy Extension to unblock YouTube in office. …
  7. Use the mobile version of YouTube. …
  8. Use TOR Browser.

How do I allow YouTube on Chrome?

  1. Navigate to Apps > Additional Google services.
  2. Scroll down to YouTube. …
  3. Click on Permissions and select the OU you would like to change permissions for. …
  4. Set the level of permission for this OU.
  5. Click on ‘Save’, this may take up to 24 hours to change.

How do I stop my browser from redirecting?

Prevent Chrome Redirect

Choose Privacy and Security from the options on the left of the screen and select Site Settings. On the screen is an option called Pop-ups and redirects, which should be set to Blocked. If it isn’t, click the option and adjust the slider to block redirects.

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Why does Google Chrome keep redirecting me to ads?

If you’re seeing some of these problems with Chrome, you might have unwanted software or malware installed on your computer: Your browsing is hijacked, and redirects to unfamiliar pages or ads. … Alerts about a virus or an infected device.

Why does it redirect me when I click on a website?

Website redirects are most commonly caused by adware and other types of malware present on your computer. The aim of these unwanted programs is to point you towards certain types of advertising or dangerous code that could further damage your system.

How do I stop the Google app from popping up?

Some users claim that Google Assistant keeps popping up on their Android devices.

How do I prevent Google Assistant from popping up?

  1. Reboot your device.
  2. Clear cache and data from the Google app. …
  3. Leave the Beta program. …
  4. Uninstall Google updates.


How do I stop a website from redirecting Safari?


  1. Open Safari.
  2. Click on “Safari” at the top left of your screen.
  3. Click on “Preferences…”
  4. Click on the “Privacy” tab.
  5. Uncheck “Prevent cross-site tracking”


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