How do I post my house on Facebook marketplace?

How do I post a house for sale on Facebook Marketplace?

What to Share on Facebook

  1. Create a photo album of your home with plenty of great pictures.
  2. Upload a video “tour” of your house.
  3. Create a Facebook Note for your property containing relevant information.
  4. Include a link to a site (such as where people can find out more.

Can I sell my house on Facebook marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace has added a Housing section, which lists property for sale and property rentals. … For those who are unfamiliar, Marketplace is Facebook’s answer to Craigslist — a platform that lets users buy and sell items near them.

Should I post my house for sale on Facebook?

Sharing that your home is for sale via Facebook could help attract the right buyer, perhaps a friend will share your post with another friend currently looking for a house in your neighborhood. Aim to keep your post bare bones, and avoid sharing personal information or excess details about the property.

Does Facebook Marketplace charge a fee?

Does Facebook charge for Marketplace? No. Unlike other marketplaces, Facebook Marketplace charges no listing fees.

Is Marketplace on Facebook free?

You can sell items on Facebook Marketplace for free, and the process to list your items should only take a few moments. To sell on Facebook Marketplace, you’ll need to describe what kind of item you’re listing, how much you want for it, and who you want to see the listing.

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How do I promote my home for sale?

Interact with users, share good press, and promote your properties.

  1. Add Social Sharing To Property Pages. …
  2. Keep An Eye On The Competition. …
  3. Make Yourself Easy to Contact. …
  4. Create a Killer Business Card. …
  5. Make Use of Local Images. …
  6. Create an Irresistible Content Offer to Capture Leads. …
  7. Hire a Photo Pro. …
  8. Create a Virtual Tour.


How do I market my home for social media?

Here’s how you can use this strategy to promote your listings and sell more houses:

  1. Create a Facebook page that merely shows BEAUTIFUL properties near your location.
  2. Post to it daily following this social media schedule.
  3. Occasionally post images and links to your listing when you need have one to promote!

Can you post real estate on Facebook?

Posting your real estate listings to facebook is easier than you think! Posting to facebook is actually surprisingly easy. In fact, it’s the same way you would post a link to any web page. … That is why many agents use a single property website and they direct all their online traffic to that.

Can I post my real estate license on Facebook?

Final thoughts on posting real estate on Facebook

Technically, yes. But a real estate agent can sell a house a whole lot better than anyone else.

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