How do I listen to twitter?

To start listening, you can either listen to your Twitter timeline by tapping on ‘Tune in to your Twitter timeline’ or you can listen to “Recommended” tweets. For this guide, we’ll tap on ‘Tune in to your Twitter timeline’.

How do I get audio tweets?

Tweeting with your voice is not too different from Tweeting with text. To start, open the Tweet composer and tap the new icon with wavelengths. You’ll see your profile photo with the record button at the bottom – tap this to record your voice. Each voice Tweet captures up to 140 seconds of audio.

Can you listen to music on twitter?

Twitter users can now listen to songs, podcasts and other audio content in their timelines within the Twitter app, while continuing to scroll through other tweets.

Can you see who listens to voice tweets?

Voice tweets work pretty much the same way a regular tweet works, with the clear exception being that it’s a voice recording. They will still be shown on the regular timeline along with other tweets, so that others can see (or listen to) them.

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How do I use the voice feature on twitter?

How to Tweet with your voice

  1. Tap the Tweet compose icon.
  2. Tap the voice icon.
  3. Tap the red record button to begin recording your message, then tap Done when you’re finished.
  4. You have the option to add Tweet text and/or start a thread with multiple Tweets. …
  5. When you’re ready, tap Tweet to send.

What is Rihanna’s twitter?

Rihanna (@rihanna) | Twitter.

How do I upload an mp3 to twitter?

Uploading audio, voice message on Twitter is really easy. Just click either upload or record, upload your mp3 file or record it directly on the site and add a message and will tweet it on your behalf providing a nice short link to a page where your followers can listen to and comment on your audio clip.

How do you post Spotify songs to twitter?

Use the Spotify Share button to share on Twitter

Click the Share button below the band’s name, and then click the Twitter tab in the pop-up window that appears. This tab displays the artist page’s Spotify URL in a text box. (Optional) Customize this tweet by adding your own message to the text box.

What is audio twitter?

Share All sharing options for: Twitter starts rolling out audio tweets on iOS. Twitter is rolling out the ability to record audio snippets and attach them to your tweets. … Once you reach the time limit for a tweet, a new voice tweet starts automatically to create a thread,” Twitter said. You can Tweet a Tweet.

What should I tweet on Twitter?

What to post on Twitter

  • Ask questions. Asking questions of your audience is a great way to garner engagement from your followers. …
  • Industry news. …
  • Brand announcements. …
  • GIFs and memes. …
  • Promo codes or flash sales. …
  • Blog content. …
  • Visual content. …
  • Tease launches.
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Is twitter voice available on Android?

Twitter is rolling out the feature in a phased manner to users on Android and iOS. The Twitter voice message in direct messages is an extension to the Twitter Voice Tweets introduced in June 2020.

How do I use TikTok voice?

How to get Text-to-Speech on TikTok

  1. Record a video/create the post you want to use.
  2. While editing, use the text setting to add text.
  3. Type the text out and then click on the text box.
  4. Select the text-to-speech option and you’re done!

Why is there no sound on twitter videos?

Sometimes, the reason why Twitter video will not play is the poor network. In this case, you can connect to an enough signal strengths Wi-Fi, then restart the Twitter app to load videos again. If a Twitter app on your iPhone or Android is out-of-date, it may cost some inconvenience such as videos disabled.

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