How do I keep YouTube live?

How do you watch a YouTube live stream after it’s over?

Yes you can watch it. When you stop streaming, YouTube will automatically upload an archive of your live stream to your channel. You can find it in Creator Studio > Video Manager. YouTube will automatically archive your live stream if it’s less than 12 hours and it’s applies to all types of live streams.

How long can a YouTube Live Stream last?

As noted above, using the “Stream now” option gives you up to 12 hours of continual broadcasting, but the “Event” option is only 8 hours. Therefore, if you’re planning a live stream longer than 8 hours, you’ll need to use the “Stream now” option or your content won’t be saved past those 8 hours.

Can you watch a livestream after it’s ended?

Are you able to watch livestreams after they air? The creator has an option to make the recordings available after the fact — they can make it private after the broadcast by default, which is probably what happened here. Yes. If the channel leaves them up as videos.

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How do you livestream on YouTube before going live?

Before the event

  1. Create a channel trailer or teaser video to help promote the event.
  2. Share your streaming link at least 48 hours before you go live.
  3. Connect your social media accounts to your channel for easy sharing.
  4. Embed the URL on your website and send the links to blogs, which may want to display your content.

Can you see who is watching your YouTube live stream?

When you live stream on YouTube, you can see how your stream performs in YouTube Analytics on the Engagement tab. You can discover how many viewers were watching you stream throughout your video. You can also find out how many messages viewers sent in your live chat.

When you watch something live on YouTube can they see you?

YouTube Live, which rounds out the big three streaming platforms, does not have a viewer list, so streamers must rely on the viewer count to monitor their audience. YouTube does offer analytics so that you can see the demographics of your viewers, but details on individuals are not available.

Is there any limit for YouTube live?

YouTube lets you stream unlimited videos for as long as you wish to, provided you have internet connection. … There’s no limit, the archived video will just be split up into different videos every 12 hours.

Do you need 1000 subscribers on YouTube to live stream?

To live stream on mobile, your channel will need to have at least 1,000 subscribers. … By the end of this step-by-step tutorial, you should be able to stream to your brand-new, zero-subscriber YouTube channel from your mobile phone (Android or iOS) – no need for a thousand subs!

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How much money do you get from YouTube live streaming?

Creators are paid based on cost-per-click or cost-per-view – the advertiser chooses which they want – and the creator earns 55% of the revenue generated. A typical charge is 18 cents per view, but a view only counts if the ad plays until at least halfway through.

YouTube Live

YouTube tops our list of live streaming services for its sheer number of users — two billion every month.

Where can I live stream for free?

5 free tools to live stream your event

  • Facebook Live.
  • Instagram Live.
  • Periscope.
  • YouNow.
  • YouTube Live.


Can I watch a live stream on my TV?

Live video streamed to Livestream is viewable on most iOS and Android mobile browsers. Open the browser on your mobile device. … Any public event on Livestream can be viewed via the Livestream mobile app. This is available as a free download for both iOS devices in the App Store and Android devices in Google Play.

How do I market a live stream?

Promoting your live videos during your stream

  1. Social media promotion. Anytime you go live to any platform, it’s smart to share the news on all of your social media accounts. …
  2. Verbal calls-to-action. …
  3. Visual calls-to-action. …
  4. Share links and clips on social media. …
  5. Fill your page or group with followers. …
  6. Arrange cross-promotion.

Is YouTube live streaming free?

YouTube, on the other hand, is a live streaming Goliath with a wide spectrum of mom and pop content. It’s free to live stream, but it’s also easy to get lost in the massive wading pool of content.

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How can I improve my live streaming?

Stream like a Pro: Ways you can Boost Live Streaming Viewership 07 February 2020

  1. First things first: Choose the Event for Boosting Live Streaming Viewership-
  2. Simulcasting: Stream to multiple channels for increased Live Streaming Viewership–
  3. Promoting on Social Media –
  4. Schedule your live event –
  5. Use the right equipment –


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