How do I create a playable ad on Facebook?

At the Ad Level, under Format, select Single Image or Video. Under Media click Add Media and select Add Video in the drop down menu. Here, you will need to add your lead-in video to introduce the playable experience. Next, scroll back up to the Format section and check the option for Add a Playable Source File.

How do I set up a playable ad?

Here are our seven best tips for creating playable ads.

  1. Don’t replicate your game. …
  2. Keep your best features. …
  3. Lower the learning curve. …
  4. Set the difficulty level to easy-medium. …
  5. Winning increases conversion rates. …
  6. Tease users with the “next level” …
  7. Make sure your app store page is optimized.


What are playable ads on Facebook?

Playable ads are an interactive video ad that allow mobile app advertisers to offer a short preview of their app before a person chooses to download it. Playable ads are available on Facebook News Feed, Audience Network interstitial and Audience Network rewarded video (see how the experience looks for each placement).

How do I test a playable ad?

Playable Testing

  1. Upload an HTML file or provide a URL for the unit you wish to test.
  2. Configure the placement to simulate and endcard to use for your test run.
  3. If your unit has an in-game call-to-action (CTA) appearing before the endcard, and you wish to test it in this run, check the “Call To Action” box.
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What are playable ads?

Simply put, playable ads are ads that offer users interactive snippets of gameplay, otherwise known as “micro-games.” There is a call to action at the end (e.g., install the app), they are completely opt-in, and are typically under one minute in length — meaning “time to magic,” as we call it at ironSource, can be as …

What is an HTML5 ad?

HTML5 ads are ads that use HTML5 files created in Google Web Designer to create attention-catching, interactive ads. You can design and build HTML5 advertisements and other web content in Google Web Designer’s integrated visual and code interfaces, then export and upload the files in .

What are ads in games?

The most common meaning of ADS is “aim down sights,” which is often used in first-person shooters. This refers to the act of aiming with a weapon in first-person view to get a better look at distant enemies.

Get the URL Link to Your Facebook Ad

  1. Go to Ads Manager, click your ad account.
  2. Click to the drop down bar where ‘All Campaigns’ is being shown. …
  3. There is a checkbox appearing to the left of every ad’s name. …
  4. A popup window will show up. …
  5. Finally, your ad will be opened in a new browser window.

What is creative preview?

Creative Preview is an Android and iOS mobile app for previewing mobile creatives. Use Creative Preview to test ads on mobile phones and tablets using supported mobile ads SDKs. Creative Preview works with Studio, Campaign Manager 360, Display & Video 360, Google Web Designer, and Authorized Buyers.

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Are playable ads effective?

Playable ads are a great example of how advertising can be highly engaging for users and beneficial to the advertiser. eMarketer found that U.S. agency professionals think playable ads are the most effective in-app ad format, followed by interactive ads and rewarded videos.

Why are mobile game ads fake?

Misleading advertising occurs mainly as companies try to stand out from their rivals on the mobile game market. … This pulls them into games they otherwise might not have downloaded. Naturally, a large number of players feel disappointment or frustration after downloading and playing a game they didn’t expect.

Does Facebook allow interactive videos?

Our vision is to make video on Facebook truly interactive. Watching video doesn’t have to be a passive, one-way broadcast. … These can all be used within an individual video or to create a standalone game show. We’re giving creators a blank canvas to allow them to do what they do best — create!

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