How do I create a group category on Facebook?

If you don’t see a Facebook Group that covers your interest, create a new group by clicking “Groups” in the left-hand menu of your Facebook homepage, and then clicking “Create a Group” at the top of your Groups page. Alternatively, go to and click the green “Create Group” button.

How do you categorize a group on Facebook?

1. Keeping My Groups Organized

  1. Step 1: Click on the Facebook menu at the top-right corner of your screen.
  2. Step 2: Select “Groups.”
  3. Step 3: Select the “Sort” dropdown menu above your groups.
  4. Step 4: Choose which organizational option you want.


How do you create groups on Facebook groups?

How to create a topic for a group you manage:

  1. Start writing a posting in a group.
  2. Among the options below the post, you will see the box Add post topic.
  3. Then, you will be able to choose from previously saved topics or create new ones.
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What are group types on Facebook?

There are 7 official Group Types: General, Social Learning, Gaming, Jobs, Buy & Sell, Parenting and Work. What is a General Facebook Group? This is the default group type and includes the standard set of tools and features. If you don’t set a group type, your group will automatically be listed as General.

Can you create subgroups in a Facebook group?

Facebook is rolling out a new feature called “Groups for Pages,” which allows people who run Facebook Pages to create sub-groups within them. These groups will let dedicated users chat to one another, and to the owners of the page directly.

How do topics work in Facebook groups?

Post topics can be created, edited and deleted only by admins and moderators, and each group can have up to 150 post topics. Once an admin or moderator has created post topics, anyone in the group can apply those topics directly to posts they’ve written. Each post can have a maximum of 1 topic added to it.

How do I favorite a group on Facebook?

Add to favorites: To add a group, app, or page to your Favorites, hover over the item in their respective lists, click the pencil that appears and select “Add to favorites.” If you don’t see the app or group in that list, hover over the title (“APPS” or “GROUPS”) and select “More” for the complete lists.

Can you organize groups on Facebook?

Click the gear icon next to a group.

Your Groups are organized in three sections titled Favorites, Groups You Manage, and Your Groups. Select Add to Favorites if you want to add a group to your Favorites list. This option will be replaced with Remove from Favorites for groups that are already in your Favorites.

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How do you make a facebook group fun?

12 Facebook Group Engagement Tactics that Work Like a Charm

  1. 1) Welcome New Members of Your Group. …
  2. 2) Make It Easy for Members to Engage With Your Group. …
  3. 3) Leverage the Power of Storytelling. …
  4. 4) Post Polls, Surveys and Quizzes. …
  5. 5) Ask Questions. …
  6. 6) Post Photo Quotes. …
  7. 7) Follow the Posting Strategy of “Edu-tainment”


Why is nobody seeing my Facebook group posts?

But unless they’re interacting (liking, reacting to, commenting, or sharing) immediately with your content, there’s a chance Facebook’s algorithm will hide your post so no one will see it. They do this because they want you, as a public Page and presumably a business, to pay for visibility through Facebook Ads.

Are there secret Facebook groups?

A Secret Group is one form of Private Group on Facebook. There are two privacy options for Facebook Groups: public and private (formerly public and closed groups). If you’re creating a private group, you can then adjust the settings to then have it visible or hidden from Facebook search (formerly called secret groups).

Are Facebook private groups really private?

There are 2 privacy settings for Facebook groups: Public: anyone on or off Facebook can see who’s in the group and what they post. Private: only members can see who’s in the group and what they post.

What are good rules for a group?

Some suggested ground rules for working with groups:

  • Start on time.
  • Practice respect for yourself and others.
  • Come prepared to do your part.
  • Be a good listener.
  • No put-downs.
  • Make sure everyone gets a chance to contribute or speak.
  • Accept constructive criticism gracefully.
  • Critique ideas, not people.
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Can your friends see what you post in a private group on Facebook?

No. Your friends will NOT be able to see a post you post in a private Facebook group unless they are members too.

How do I monetize my Facebook group?

12 Ways to Monetize A Facebook Group

  1. Sell products or services directly to group members. …
  2. Charge a subscription. …
  3. Generate leads. …
  4. Offer additional services to your main offering – e.g. coaching or mentoring. …
  5. Sell tickets to webinars. …
  6. Sell other people’s products and services (affiliate marketing)


What is a private group on Facebook?

Groups will now be labeled either “Public” or “Private.” That means that groups that were previously “Closed” or “Secret” will now share the designation of “Private,” meaning that only members of the group can see who’s in the group or what has been posted.

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