How can I see my comments on Instagram live?

Comments from the original live video are visible in the replay. Viewers can speed up a replay video by tapping on the screen while the video is playing.

Why can’t I see my comments on Instagram live?

As, the comments which are not visible are from the private profiles. These profile are kept private, so that only their followers can see their activities such as Likes, Followers or their posts. The profiles which are kept public, can be visible to everyone on Instagram so as their comments, photos, etc.

Do you see all comments on Instagram live?

Tap ‘Start Live Video’ and there you go! You will see all the likes and comments (note that you can turn the comments off or moderate them). … All of these will be visible not only to you but also to anyone who is watching your Live video.

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How can I see what I commented on Instagram?

To view, your past Instagram comments, press the view button which is available just below your post. Tap to manage comments then select all comments you want to manage.

Why do comments disappear on Instagram?

Originally Answered: Why would a comment disappear from my instagram feed? It can disappear only for two reasons. User deleted the comment, or your activity feed is busy getting many activities and the comment disappear because you can see only a limited amount of activities in that tab.

Can you hide comments while watching Instagram live?

Hiding comments when going live

Launch the Instagram app and swipe left to open the camera. Tap on the Live button to go live. Once you’re live, tap on the three vertical dots in the right side of the comment box. Tap on Turn Off Commenting.

Are Instagram live comments saved?

While watching a live video replay, all of the original comments on the video will appear in the replay. This makes it easy for your replay audience to keep up with the conversation and relate to your responses throughout the video. Comments from the original live video are visible in the replay.

Can Instagram live see me?

Bustle reached out to Instagram for confirmation of whether or not users can see who has viewed the content on their live video, and they confirmed that while users will be able to see who is commenting and reacting to the Live Story while it’s being aired, as well as see when each individual has “Joined” it.

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When someone goes live on Instagram can they see you?

As soon as you start broadcasting a live video on Instagram, people will start joining. This action, of course, means that they are watching your broadcast, and you can see each individual that joins your Instagram Live Video.

What happens if you accidentally like a comment on Instagram?

If you’ve accidentally liked someone’s photo on Instagram and their push notifications are enabled, the person who posted the picture will see it. … According to Instagram, however, the like alert will disappear shortly after you remove it. So your new profile won’t have to stay that way forever.

How do you know if someone deleted your comment on Instagram?

You cannot see deleted Instagram comments from other people on your account UNLESS you’re able to get the notification and view the comment before it is deleted. Seeing the comment first isn’t actually that difficult or improbable as most people get notifications regarding comments on their posts.

How do you see someones activity on Instagram 2020?

Open the app and go to Instagram Direct. You can do so either by swiping left on the news feed screen or tap on the paper plane icon at the top right. Here, you will be able to the last seen of the users whom you have had a conversation with below their username.

Did Instagram get rid of comments?

Instagram is launching and testing multiple new features starting today that are aimed at making the platform a more positive space. The company says it’s rolling out the ability to delete up to 25 comments at once and also block or restrict multiple accounts at the same time.

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How do I make comments disappear on Instagram live?

How to Hide Comments on Instagram Live

  1. Navigate to the small Comments box located in the lower left-hand corner of your screen.
  2. Tap the three vertical dots located inside the box.
  3. Tap Turn off Commenting.


How do you get back deleted comments on Instagram?

Sadly, when you delete comments on Instagram there is no way around it to retrieve them back. But, you can retrieve a comment that has been deleted within 0 – 30 seconds by talking on ‘undo’ to undo the deletion of the comment.

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