Can you remove ratings on Facebook?

Removing star ratings from your page can only be done by also removing Check-Ins and your business map in the About section. If you decide to disable your star ratings, you must also remove check-ins and your business map.

Can you delete a review on Facebook?

Let’s start with a spoiler alert: you can’t delete a review on Facebook. … You can report Recommendations and reviews that do not follow Facebook’s Community Standards or don’t focus on the products and services offered by your business.

How do I turn off ratings on Facebook?

How to Hide Facebook Reviews

  1. Go to Settings on your Page.
  2. Click Edit Page.
  3. Scroll down until you find Reviews.
  4. Choose the Settings option (to the right of Reviews)
  5. Turn Reviews off.
  6. Click Save.

How do I remove reviews from Facebook business page?

Here are the steps to remove the Facebook Reviews section from your Business Page:

  1. Click on “Settings” on your Business Page.
  2. Click “Edit Page”
  3. Scroll down to the “Reviews” section and click Settings.
  4. Move the slider from “ON” to “OFF”
  5. Save your new settings.
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How do I turn off reviews on Facebook 2020?

How to Turn Off Reviews on Facebook

  1. Click the ‘settings’ menu for your page.
  2. Select the ‘templates and tabs’ option from the menu on the left side of the page.
  3. Find and select the ‘reviews’ tab from that sub-menu.
  4. Click the ‘show reviews’ slider to turn off reviews on your page.
  5. Click the ‘save’ button.


Why do reviews disappear from Facebook?

Why did Facebook remove Reviews? The removal of the star rating system in favor of Recommendations is part of Facebook’s larger focus to increase the engagement of local business Pages and make them more useful.

How many reviews do you need on Facebook to get a rating?

How Facebook Recommendations Work. Depending on which option (“yes” or “no”) reviewers choose, they’re asked to then provide information about what they did or did not like. Facebook requires reviewers to write at least 25 characters in order to post their review – no writing = no recommendation.

How do I hide my Facebook page?

If you want to hide the page, go to the “Page Visibility” section, and just tap the “Unpublish” option. That’s it. You can then go back to your page, and you’ll see that it has been unpublished. To delete the page, tap the “Permanently Delete (Page Name)” option from the “Remove Page” section.

Why can’t I see my recommendations on Facebook?

If you can’t find a review, check your Page’s Recommendations (you can filter by most recent Recommendations to help you find it). If you still can’t find a review or Recommendation, it may have been removed because it didn’t follow our Community Standards.

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Can I delete a bad review on my Facebook business page?

You can’t delete a negative spam or disrespectful review on your Facebook page, but you can report it. To report a review that doesn’t adhere to Facebook’s Community Standards, go to the review and click on the menu arrow in the top right hand corner.

How do I remove a bad rating on Facebook marketplace?

How to Remove the Review Section from Facebook

  1. Go to your Facebook Page.
  2. Click on “Settings”
  3. Click “Edit Page” in Facebook settings.
  4. Scroll down to “Reviews” and click “Settings” next to it.
  5. Move the slider to OFF.
  6. Click “Save”


How do you deal with bad reviews on Facebook?

Write a non-confrontational response to the customer’s review with some specific keywords that let them know you’ve read and understood their review. Express sincere regret that the customer had a poor experience. Thank the customer for taking the time to give you honest feedback.

How do I recommend on Facebook?

To ask for recommendations on Facebook:

  1. Click What’s on your mind, [Name]? at the top of your News Feed.
  2. Click then scroll down and click Ask for Recommendations.
  3. Select the city where you’re looking for recommendations.
  4. Click What are you looking for?

Where are Facebook tabs and templates?

Once your viewing your Page click “Settings” and then “Templates and tabs” on the left-hand side. You will then be on the “Templates and tabs” page with the name of the current template selected.

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