Can you do bullet points on facebook?

Log in to your Facebook account. Click in the text area where you want to add the bullets. Press “Alt” key and press “7” number key on your keyboard. The black bullet appears in the text box.

How do I put bullets in a Facebook post?

How to add “Bullet” points to Facebook posts

  1. Log in to your Facebook account.
  2. Click in the text area where you want to add the bullets.
  3. Press “Alt” key and press “7” number key on your keyboard.
  4. The black bullet appears in the text box.
  5. Now you can start typing the first point.


Can you indent on Facebook?

On Characters window, click setting icon. It’s a gear nearly the top-left of the window, close to 3 color buttons. Double click on that character to insert it to your text box. … This empty space should help you indent your text properly.

How do you make a bulleted list in a bulleted list?

To create a bulleted list:

  1. Select the text you want to format as a list.
  2. On the Home tab, click the drop-down arrow next to the Bullets command. A menu of bullet styles will appear.
  3. Move the mouse over the various bullet styles. …
  4. The text will be formatted as a bulleted list.
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What is a bullet point symbol?

In typography, a bullet or bullet point, •, is a typographical symbol or glyph used to introduce items in a list. For example: Point 1.

Can you format a Facebook post?

From your newsfeed on Facebook, click on “Post to a group…”Select the group you want to post on and click Format With Markdown. To view formatting options, click “Formatting Help” and then follow the instructions to format your post. You can also see the preview of the post as you type it.

How do you indent paragraphs on Facebook?

Yes, you can add a new line or a new paragraph on Facebook status update by pressing the ‘SHIFT+ENTER’ shortcut keys at the same time on your keyboard.

How do you post a long message on Facebook?

The only way to add a status longer than 63,206 characters is as a photo caption. Create or save a blank pixel image from the Internet to act as a placeholder; a 1-by-1-pixel transparent image can be found online for this purpose.

How do you insert a bullet in Excel?

Bullet Points

  1. To insert a filled round bullet point, press Alt + Numpad 7.
  2. To insert a hollow round bullet point, press Alt + Numpad 9. …
  3. On the Insert tab, in the Symbols group, click Symbol.
  4. Select a font from the drop-down list, type 2022 in the Character code box and click Insert.

How do you type a dot in the middle?

To type middle dot • on your computer, Just hold down the Alt key while typing the alt key code 250 on the numeric keypad of your keyboard. If you don not have one, hold down the Fn and Alt keys while typing the alt code number.

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What is a bullet point examples?

Bullets are most commonly used in the English language to highlight key points in a vertical list. Bullets are used in place of numbers when the order of the items in the list is not important. … Other common bullet choices include squares (filled and open), diamonds, dashes and checkmarks.

Can I use bullet points in APA?

Jan 04, 2020 98372. Bulleted and numbered lists are permitted by the APA Style rules; however, if you’re unsure if your instructor will permit them in your assignment, please check with your instructor.

How do you cite a list of bullet points?

In your text before the list, introduce the source with a signal phrase. Make the list single-spaced. If you change or add words, [do so in brackets]. Then include a citation after the last list item; if the list ends with a period, place your citation after that period.

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