Can I archive Facebook account?

The enhanced archive feature allows you to download an entire record of all your activity on Facebook to date. … The archive, originally introduced in 2010, includes a copy of what you’ve shared on Facebook, such as photos, posts, messages, a list of friends and chat conversations.

What happens when you archive a Facebook page?

When you archive a Facebook group, new members can’t be added, and current members can’t make new posts or comment on old ones: They can only view what’s already there. If you’re in a group where the posting now is no longer relevant to the original purpose, archiving the Facebook group is a good option.

How do I archive on Facebook 2020?

Click your profile picture in the top right of Facebook. Click More below your cover photo, then click Story Archive.

Is there a way to archive all Facebook posts?

For now it’s only available on mobile and Facebook Lite. Navigate to your Activity Log and tap Manage Activity up top and then Your Posts in the pop-up at the bottom of the screen. … Then tap the box next to the posts you want to hide, and select Archive or Trash at the bottom of the screen.

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How do I archive my Facebook in 2021?

Here is how to archive Facebook group:

  1. Launch the Facebook app on your phone.
  2. Now from your News Feed, click on Groups in the left menu and select your group from Groups You Manage or by searching for it.
  3. Then click on above the About section.
  4. Select Archive group.
  5. Finally, click on Confirm.


What is archive post in Facebook?

x. Facebook’s new Manage Activity tool allows you to view all of the posts you’ve made on the social network, and then archive or delete posts so that other users can no longer view them. When you archive a post, it will go to a special “Archive” section of your Facebook Activity Log.

How do you find archived messages on FB?

How to See Stories Archive in New Facebook App

  1. Open Facebook and tap the menu tab at the top right.
  2. Tap your profile name to view your profile.
  3. Now tap on 3 dots (More button).
  4. Select “Story Archive”.
  5. That’s it! You can now access your archived stories.

Can you hide your photos on Facebook?

To hide your photos from the public and your Facebook friends, you can set your photos’ privacy to “Only Me”. This option allows you to post stuff to your Timeline that is visible only to you. Posts with the audience of Only Me will appear in your News Feed but not your friends’ feeds.

Is hide from timeline gone?

Confirmed: Facebook is removing the ‘hide from timeline’ feature for business pages. … At first, I thought this was a desktop error as the option was available on the Facebook Page app – but it’s gone now.

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How do I bulk delete Facebook posts?

To start erasing, go to the Facebook account that has the posts you want to erase. Click on your profile picture and go to Manage Posts. Once you see your posts, you can click on the Choose All option and start erasing in bulk.

How do I move photos from archive to Facebook?

You can manage some of the content you share on Facebook, like posts, photos and videos, from the Manage Activity section of your activity log on the iPhone, Android or Facebook Lite app. From here, you can select one or more pieces of content at a time and choose to: Move to Archive.

How do I hide all posts from everyone 2020 on Facebook?

To change who can see all your past posts at one time:

in the top right of Facebook. Select Settings & Privacy, then click Settings. In the left column, click Privacy. Next to Limit the audience for posts you’ve shared with friends of friends or Public?, click Limit Past Posts.

Can I hide a post on Facebook without deleting it?

To hide a post from your Timeline, click or tap the downward facing arrow next to it and select the Hide from Timeline. Click or tap Hide and the post will be hidden from your Timeline. It’ll still appear elsewhere on Facebook, just not on your profile’s Timeline.

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