Best answer: Can I view private profile Instagram?

Here are the step-by-step instructions. Go to Instagram and find the username of the private account you’re trying to view. … Click on that and enter the person’s username. Then click “View Private Account.”

Can you search a private account on Instagram?

The only surefire and legitimate way to view a private Instagram account is to directly request to follow it.

What is Instalooker?

Instalooker is the website of the popular working private Instagram account viewer. The website work in similar ways. All you need to do is copy-paste the link of the private profile that you want to see and allow the website to do its magic. Visit and click the SPY NOW button.

How did someone find my private Instagram?

They can search for your account, that’s the only way how people can find you, they need to know your account name, otherwise you might as well be invisible, which what the private account is intended for. If you want people to find you in a usual way (by hashtag for example), then you must open your account to public.

How can I see private followers?

How to View Followers of Private Instagram Account

  1. Open Private Instagram Viewer.
  2. Type Username whose followers you want to see.
  3. Enter captcha for verification.
  4. After that tap on the submit button.
  5. Next you will see followers of private Instagram.


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